Produce & Benefit

Produce & Benefit

Made for Designers / 3D modelers

Developers – unite!

Augmented Reality is one of the world’s most growing technologies and WATCHAR is a part of it. It’s worth joining community of Augmented Reality congenials.
Designer or 3D modeler, Freelancer or Employed person, Professional or Enthusiast, whoever you are, if you can draw digital things, join WATCHAR developers community.

Create, Upload & Sell

WATCHAR is a marketplace for Augmented Reality content including ready-made AR templates. People buy and designers sell content here.
Join today, upload your created AR ready-made templates or 3D items and sell it. Earn money.

Augmented Reality Community

There are little places where AR developers and fans can gather online. Now it’s your chance to become a part of AR developers. Sign up now and join the growing community from around the world. It’s free.
WATCHAR Designers Community gives you access to tutorials, discounts, socializing to other developers and support to create AR things. It’s a valuable place for valuable people.

Create & upload AR content like…

•   Retail (Packages, Furniture, Restaurant Menus, Greetings cards, Presentations, Corporate Identity solutions, Business cards)
•   Publishing (Magazines, Newspapers)
•   3D Real estate solutions
•   Movies and TV
•   m-Commerce
•   Advertising (Flyers, Calendars, Outdoor ads)
•   Personal (Curriculum Vitaes, Postcards)
•   Websites
•   Gaming

Benefits of WATCHAR

   Earn money for thing you do best
   Consult & get feedback from people like you
   Get the hottest news & discounts for members
   Early birds always takes it all. Join now

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