For users

For users

Made for Users

Power of Users

Everyday Users are the power turning the wheel of the World. Users do a mass of different purchases everyday and they create Economy. WATCHAR gives the key to collaboration with this huge mobile 'muscle' to try to keep the wheel spinning.

Be Creative, Be Personal & Present yourself

How you can use WATCHAR? Simple. Be creative, be personal and be different with Augmented Reality (AR) experience. Produce Augmented Reality for yourself and your dear people.
Sign-up for an account. Pick your liked AR template. Add your personal message and additional 3D content. Share it or send it to the ones whom it was dedicated for. Do it simply, cheap and smooth with WATCHAR.

The Mobile App

Download Android app or iPhone / iPad app for smartphones and tablets.

Use WATCHAR & stand out. Use it for…

•   Interactive printed Business cards
•   Postcards
•   Greetings cards
•   T-Shirts and many more…
•   CVs (Curriculum Vitae)
•   Calendars
•   Presentations


Benefits for End Users

    Engage with your favorite Brands
   Special offers from Businesses
   Greet people on any occasion or holiday
   Be original & stand out of the crowd
   Bring people “wow” effect